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William Bymel 

Managing Broker

Bill has more than 18 years of experience in Florida Real Estate specializing in distressed assets. Bill currently manages more than $50 millions in real estate assets. In addition to his experience, Bill is also the author of Win-Win Revolution and advises private equity funds in CA and NY


Deanna Deschene 

 Asset Manager/Property Manager

Deanna has more than twenty years of experience managing commercial and residential properties in South Florida.  Deanna currently oversees RSIAM's portfolio of residential REO properties as well as non-performing and performing mortgage loans.  Deanna also manages contract, collateral, and servicing relationships for RSIAM and its clients.


Izzy Martinez - Realtor


Izzy brings a unique understanding of project management in single and multi family properties. Izzy oversees all contractors in the rehabilitation cycle and new REO and distressed properties. Izzy is also the Co-Founder of the Sunshine Coastal Group, the Residential & Commercial Arm of RSI.


Oscar Caballero - Realtor

Property Manager  Residential/Commercial

A scientist by training and education, Oscar started his real estate career with his family over a decade ago. 

Oscar brings a unique and analytical perspective to property management, one that is heavily data-driven. 

Oscar specializes in multi-family property management and commercial real estate asset management. 

Oscar is also a co-founder, along with Daney and Izzy, of the Sunshine Coastal Group.