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Sunshine Coastal Group is a south Florida independent Real Estate group Specializing in Residential & Commercial Income properties. We have the experience you can depend on. 

Izzy Martinez - Realtor

Managing Partner - Residential/Commercial

Izzy brings a unique understanding of project management in single and multi family properties. Izzy oversees all contractors in the rehabilitation cycle and new REO and distressed properties. Izzy is also the Co-Founder of the Sunshine Coastal Group, the Residential & Commercial Arm of RSI.

Danéy Guzman Realtor

Agent - Residential

Danéy Co-Founder of the Sunshine Coastal Group has reinitiated her real estate career in Florida as of 2018. Passionate in the estate world, Danéy brings in a well-rounded knowledge and expertise not only in sales but also in management. As an investor, Danéy has experience in managing single and multi-family properties.

Oscar Caballero

Agent - Residential

A scientist by training and education, Oscar started his real estate career with his family over a decade ago. 

Oscar brings a unique and analytical perspective to property management, one that is heavily data-driven. 

Oscar specializes in multi-family property management and commercial real estate asset management. 

Oscar is also a co-founder, along with Daney and Izzy, of the Sunshine Coastal Group.

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