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Loan Loss Mitigation

A non-performing loan requires more attention than billing, reach out letters, and servicer phone calls. Loan Loss Mit LLC takes a proactive and creative approach to asset loss mitigation. We skip trace borrowers and make contact in person by door knocking the subject property or potential alternative addresses and places of work. Once contact is made, we illustrate the value in communicating with the lender or servicer and we offer a myriad of options to avoid foreclosure, and advise on win-win options for both lender and borrower. Our track record shows greater than 75% contact and  communication within 60 days of assignment.  There is only so much a servicer can do with mail and auto-dialers. In the area of loss mitigation, most of our services are production based, meaning we only get paid if we succeed where others have not. This is unprecedented in the industry but an example of the confidence we have in our capabilities. We cover all fifty United States, and our team has multilingual capabilities including French, Hebrew, Spanish, and Creole (Haitian) so that borrowers cannot hide behind the language gap.

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